The idea for this campaign came to me years ago when the old WORLD OF DARKNESS wasn’t quite so old and long before the MAGE Las Vegas book had been published. The basic concept for the game is that each player creates a character from each of the original World of Darkness games (VAMPIRE, WEREWOLF, MAGE, WRAITH, and CHANGELING) and I might add one or two from the additional games, like HUNTER or DEMON. Once player has created a character for all of the games, the campaign rotates each time the group gets together and all of the games are based in the same city, Las Vegas.

I always thought that Las Vegas was the perfect location for a large scale world of darkness game. It has a huge transient population that visits everyday. Its a massive city in the middle of a desert wilderness. The city never sleeps. There is millions of dollars in the city always changing hands. The city has a seedy past with the mafia and in my version of Las Vegas the Mafia is still in control of a lot still.

My overall hope and plan for this massive arching campaign is that eventually the various games with mix and mingle with each other and players will start running into issues such as their Werewolf character keeps messing up their Vampire’s plans.


Las Vegas By Night

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